Behind the Scenes of Aarti Party

The Next Food Network Star winner Aarti Sequeira takes Food Network Magazine through the makings of her new show.

The Aarti Party Set

Aarti sits on the set of her new show, Aarti Party, which premiered on Sunday, August 21. For the episode schedule, visit Aarti's show page.

Aarti's Secret Code Name

To keep her new show under wraps while taping, Aarti went by a code name, "Whiskey," her favorite drink.

A Traditional Wardrobe

Aarti's family sent tunics, known as kurtas, from India, for her to wear on camera.

The Making of a Star

One of Aarti's favorite parts of the new job: having professional hair and makeup stylists! "I'm especially enchanted by the individual false eyelashes. If I had steady enough hands, I'd put these on every day!" she says.

Aarti's Set Kitchen

Set designers created a bright, fun kitchen to match Aarti's personality. "I was touched by the gorgeous Indian tchotchkes they placed all over," she says.

A Group Effort

A culinary team helps Aarti prepare on set.

Magical Prep Work

Aarti's culinary backup team even takes care of her least favorite kitchen task: chopping ginger. "Here, minced ginger just appears," she says. "It's amazing."

Bombay Sloppy Joes

On her new show, Aarti Party, Aarti gives American classics an Indian twist. These masala-style sloppy joes were one of the first dishes she made in front of the camera. The only problem with sloppy joes, Aarti says: "They're messy to eat on air!"

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