Star Kitchen: Ludo Lefebvre

French restaurateur and frequent Food Network guest Ludo Lefebvre shows us his California kitchen.

Photo by: Jessica Sample

Jessica Sample

Los Angeles chef Ludo Lefebvre closes his popular French restaurants (including Petit Trois and Trois Mec) for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean he takes the day off. This year he’ll be hosting a Christmas feast for 14 in the Sherman Oaks home he shares with his wife, Krissy, and twins Luca and Rêve, 6. “I just love to have people in my house,” he says. “I grew up in France, and we had guests over every weekend — we eat, drink and take time to enjoy life.” When Ludo renovated his home two years ago, he set out to create the perfect place for these gatherings, combining a tiny kitchen, living room and dining room into one big space. He installed both gas and induction cooktops, plus tons of warming drawers—ideal for his holiday feast. On the menu: French favorites like foie gras, turkey with mashed potatoes and chestnuts, and a bûche de Noël. “I have so many memories of Christmas in France,” he says. “I really want to replicate that here for my family.”

Clever Cabinets Ludo’s Bauformat cabinets and drawers are made of recycled wood and plastic, but they look like concrete.

Clean Countertops Ludo likes that his Caesarstone quartz counters look like marble, but they’re much easier to maintain.

Safe Stovetop Ludo has two types of Fisher & Paykel cooktops but prefers the induction one. “I recommend it because it’s safer for kids — and my son, Luca, is always cooking with me!”

Reference Books Although Ludo has an office filled with cookbooks, he displays his French ones on shelves in the kitchen. “I always go back to the classics,” he says.

Wall Art Artist Harold Ancart sketched this for Ludo one night at Petit Trois, but you won’t always find it hanging in this spot, says Ludo’s wife, Krissy. “He moves art every few days — it’s one of his weird quirks.”

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