12 Things You Didn't Know About Ayesha Curry

You see Ayesha as an all-star in the kitchen and the wife of NBA great Stephen Curry. But here are some little-known fun facts about this Canadian-born gal.

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Her Favorite Vacation Spot: Adventures in France

"My husband and I went to France this past summer, and it was the most-amazing trip we've had. We did the South of France, and so that was by far the best place I've ever been. We want to make it a thing and try and go as often as we can."

Her Favorite Smell: Savory Scents

"Can I pick two? The first is bacon being cooked in the morning. I love bacon so much. I always feel like when I talk about bacon I'm going to revert to King Curtis, like, 'Bacon is like my family.' I just love it. And then the smell of garlic and onions sauteing in a pan — so, so yummy."

Her Happy Place Is Right at Home

"My happy place is my bedroom. I love it. We made it really serene and warm and comfortable, and so I really love being in there. I don't get to be in there often unless I'm literally sleeping, and so it's nice when I get that moment to just relax in my room. I love it."

Her Guilty-Pleasure Food: A Fair Favorite

"Oh, goodness. Deep-fried Oreos."

The Strangest Thing in Her Refrigerator Is Probably Rotting Right Now

"You know what I have — and I have to throw it out when I get home — I purchased some branzini to make. It's old and it's wrapped up. I had to leave town, and I completely forgot that it was in there. Good luck to me."

The Dish She'll Never Eat: Frogs

The Food She Always Orders Out and Never Makes at Home: Thai Food

Her Favorite Late-Night Snack: Cereal

"I love a good bowl of cereal. The unhealthy kind. Lucky Charms. Sometime I'll do Special K Chocolatey Delight and I feel like I'm being healthy, but there's chocolate in there."

Her Favorite Food Cities: Home and Away

"I live in San Francisco, and I love it. There's everything you could think of there, but if I had to pick a place where I didn't live, I would pick New York City."

Her Favorite Burger Toppings: Better Together

"Oh, I love brown sugar bacon and red onion." 

Her Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mocha Almond Fudge

"It's like a little coffee, chocolate, nuts. It's really good."

Her Signature Dish: Depends on the Day

"On a normal weeknight, it would be my spice-rubbed chicken with parsley-mint sauce; I make it all the time. On a special occasion, it's my lamb chops and then bacon-wrapped scallops on the side. Everybody loves that."

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