Inside Bobby Flay's Gato Restaurant

Iron Chef Bobby Flay gives Food Network a tour of Gato, his newest restaurant in New York City.

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Photo By: Nicole Franzen

Photo By: Nicole Franzen

Photo By: Nicole Franzen

Photo By: Nicole Franzen

Photo By: Nicole Franzen

Photo By: Nicole Franzen

Photo By: Nicole Franzen

Photo By: Nicole Franzen

Photo By: Nicole Franzen

Photo By: Nicole Franzen

The Most-Important Restaurant He's Opened   

After nearly a 10-year hiatus, Bobby opens up Gato in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City. "There’s something different about this one. This is the most-important restaurant I’ve opened — besides Mesa Grill when it first opened."

The Cat Behind the Name

"I was standing outside the space that now houses Gato with my business partner, Laurence. We had never seen the space before, and while we were waiting for the real estate broker, a stray cat walked right on my feet. It's as simple as that."

Lasting Impressions

What are some of Bobby's favorite features? "The floor and the ceiling. The ceiling was a gift from the building — the building is a hundred years old, and we found these vaulted brick ceilings on top of a dropped ceiling made of Sheetrock."

"It Evokes the Mediterranean ..."

"I wanted a really beautiful tile floor that really became the design element that everybody thinks about the next day when they wake up. It's totally fun, bright and playful."

His Happy Place

Why is it so important for Bobby to be in the kitchen? "First, and most importantly, it's the place that makes me the happiest. I also want to inspire the people in the kitchen. This is what they’re here for, so I owe it to them."

The Menu

"I started conceptualizing this menu late last summer (2013) and had about 55 items on it. And when we opened it had about 40. It’s about 37 now, which I think is the right, manageable amount."

The Ultimate Dinner Order Starts with ...

"I think customers should start with the octopus and crab risotto as an appetizer. Everyone loves the roasted octopus with sour orange, bacon and oregano."

New York City Loves Its Pizza

The menu also includes two pizzas. Pictured above is a fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza with lamb sausage, tomato jam, mozzarella and mint. 

Ingredient Inspiration

"This restaurant encompasses the entire Mediterranean; basically all the countries and places in Europe that are glued together with olive oil — so Spain, France, Greece, Morocco and Italy."

There's Nothing Like This City

"I have restaurants in really wonderful cities, but New York is New York. It sets the tone for everything. And, you know, I have a big target on my back when I do something like this. I don’t have to put myself out there, but I want to, because it’s what I want to do every day."

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