Damaris Phillips Off the Clock in Louisville

Browse photos of Food Network Star winner Damaris Phillips in her hometown of Louisville, Ky.

Local Gal

Born and raised in Louisville, Damaris Phillips has fond memories of growing up in a large family and enjoying the traditional foods of the South with her parents and siblings. She's now a pastry instructor at the same culinary school from which she graduated. Here she's perched at the bar at a favorite spot in her neighborhood: Decca.

Handling the Heat

While the kiln Damaris is standing in front of at Louisville Stoneware, a longtime company that produces some of Damaris' family's most prized ceramic casserole dishes, is turned off here, it can reach temperatures of over 2,000 degrees F.

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Sneak Peek

There's a tiny dot of open space within the wall of the kiln, and Damaris pressed her eye to it to see inside.

Color Concepts

Standing before a wall of paint color options, Damaris considered which hues would help bring her dogwood design to life.

Custom Creation

Damaris wasted no time in rolling up her sleeves and designing her own serving platter at Louisville Stoneware. She'll eventually paint this oversize plate with dogwoods as a way to honor her family.

Southern Masterpiece

After she finished painting the plate, Damaris left it at Louisville Stoneware so it could receive a few finishing touches and become ready for baking and serving.

Familiar Customer

For a refreshing cocktail or late-night drink, Damaris stops by Garage Bar, a converted old garage with expansive outdoor seating and one of her favorite bars in town.

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Biscuits Done Better

Bathing in a pool of peppery sausage gravy, this oversize biscuit from Harvest is fluffy on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside and full of rich butter flavor.

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Impersonator Extraordinaire

Like Damaris, Abraham Lincoln was also born in Kentucky. Here the Star winner poses with a cardboard cut-out of Honest Abe on the streets of Louisville.

Hometown Pride

Food Network Star, Season 9, winner Damaris was welcomed with hearty congratulations from friends and strangers alike in the small town of Louisville.

A Hearty Morning Meal

While Molly Malone's Irish Pub & Restaurant may be known for hosting Damaris' Food Network Star finale watch party, it's also a go-to brunch spot for the Louisville local.

Walk and Talk

Damaris takes a stroll near downtown Louisville on a warm autumn afternoon.

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