Star Kitchen: Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri shows Food Network Magazine the outdoor kitchen at his California ranch.

On holidays, the Fieri family often hosts 60-plus people at their Northern California ranch. But they realized when they bought the place nine years ago that they were never going to fit that many guests in the house. Guy’s solution was to build this sprawling outdoor kitchen, designed for big-time entertaining. “Everyone gets a workstation,” he says. “You’re either cutting onions or you get to truss the prime rib.” Guy also has enough ovens to keep multiple friends busy: He installed four, plus a double plancha. When the kitchen was finished, Guy knew it would be the ideal set for a cooking show, which is how Guy’s Ranch Kitchen came to be. On the show, Guy cooks with friends like Duff Goldman and Alex Guarnaschelli, learning from them along the way. “We all have such unique skills and methods, it’s great to get together and let everyone jam.”

Wood-Fired Oven: When friends come over, everyone wants to try out the massive wood-burning oven. Guy cooks all sorts of things in it, including pizza and goat.

Double Plancha: On this Spanish griddle you can sear food and smoke it at the same time. Guy uses the attached rotisserie for cooking giant cuts of meat.

Prep Space: Guy always puts his guests to work — and this butcher-block island has enough counter space for everyone.

Fresh Produce: Guy’s one-acre garden is abundant year-round, so he always has fruits and veggies like avocados and peppers on hand.

Durable Cabinets: Guy needed cabinets that can hold a lot of cookware and set decorations — and withstand the weather — so he chose heavy-duty metal ones originally designed for garages.

Photograph by Dave Lauridsen

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