Keith Simpson is a commercial real estate expert specializing in restaurant businesses and properties. He began his career in the UK as a chef in 1973, graduating from a London college for hotel and catering. His career led him to graciously cater for the British Royal Family, which developed his taste for fine wine as well as his desire to share food with others. Keith purchased his first restaurant in California in 1996, and in 2006 — at the height of the economy — he sold it for more than three times what he paid. This initial deal piqued his interest in real estate, and Keith became a full-time restaurant broker. During the course of his career, Keith has owned three restaurants and one catering company in addition to his many successful property deals. His deals run the gamut from small family-owned pizza joints to fine dining establishments. Keith resides in Sacramento, Calif.

Keith Simpson is the host of Buy This Restaurant.

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