Insider's Tour of Iron Chef Marc Forgione's American Cut Restaurant

Browse behind-the-scenes snapshots of Iron Chef Marc Forgione's American Cut restaurant in New York City, and hear from Food Network's Marc Forgione on his goals for the restaurant and must-order dishes.

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American Cut Comes to New York

Iron Chef Marc Forgione launched his first American Cut in Atlantic City, but just this fall he opened a second branch of the fine-dining steakhouse in one of Manhattan's downtown neighborhoods, Tribeca. "We're trying to bring steakhouses back to the rightful place of some of the top dining destinations in the city," Marc explains of his goals for this restaurant.

Simple Pleasures

"When it comes to the food and the service and the restaurant in general ... it might look fancy. People think I'm fancy. But at the end of the day, it's about fun," Marc says. This is the main dining room at American Cut, lit by soft, dim lighting and furnished with leather seating.

Photo courtesy American Cut

Better Together: Steak and Lobster

This hearty platter is Marc's twist on the classic surf and turf entree, featuring a 42-ounce tomahawk rib-eye chop and his signature Chili Lobster, served with golden-brown Texas toast. Marc considers this indulgent plate to be one the must-order items on his menu.

Photo courtesy American Cut

Ingredient Motivation

Since having joined the Chairman's team of Iron Chefs, Marc said that he's featured versions of his restaurants' dishes in Kitchen Stadium and brought ideas from battle back to his businesses. "Sometimes I'll get influenced by an ingredient that I might not have ever thought of using," he explained of the competition. This is his take on golden, crispy latkes, topped with tangy sour cream.

Sweet and Savory

A decadent mix of salty and sweet, creamy and crunchy, this Cracker Jack Sundae features cool popcorn ice cream, caramel popcorn, caramel sauce and fluffy whipped cream.

Photo courtesy American Cut

Bottles Galore

The walk-in wine cellar at American Cut is stocked with shelf upon shelf of French, Californian, Italian, Australian and more red and white bottles.

Photo courtesy American Cut

Cocoa Haven

Dubbed the AC Carbomb, this chocolate lover's ultimate dessert features chocolate-laced bread pudding and beer ice cream floating in a pool of whiskey-spiced butterscotch.

Positive City Pressure

"New York is the cliche: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. But once you get there, it's tough to stay there," Marc says. "You have to make sure that you can." Given the early success of American Cut, plus Marc's history of launching consistently rave-reviewed eateries, it's likely he indeed has that sought-after staying power.

Team Effort

Marc launched American Cut with LDV Hospitality, co-founded by Curt Huegel (left) and John Meadows (right). "This is our loftiest, most ambitious restaurant we've done. It's the highest design," John explains. "I think the notion of taking classic American fine-dining cuisine and doing it at that level represents a very ambitious task that we're glad Marc is our partner in the process of doing so."

Restaurant Marc Forgione

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