Food Network Stars Reveal Their Favorite Food Cities

If you’re planning your next foodie vacation, look no further. Your favorite Food Network chefs reveal their favorite places to visit for delicious bites.   

Ted Allen: “Too many to count … I had an astonishingly great meal in Columbus, Ohio, a month ago.” 

Aarón Sánchez: New Orleans 

Tregaye Fraser: California 

Amanda Freitag: “In the U.S. it’s a tie between San Francisco and Portland (Oregon).”

Scott Conant: “Tokyo. Best food, top to bottom, that I’ve ever had.”

Eddie Jackson: New Orleans 

Marcus Samuelsson: Barcelona and Los Angeles

Marc Murphy: New Orleans 

Maneet Chauhan: “Singapore. It’s an amazing melting pot of Asian food.”  

Chris Santos: “Nothing beats NYC.” 

Melissa d’Arabian: Paris 

Alex Guarnaschelli: Charleston, S.C. 

Madison Cowan: Hachinohe, Japan

Brian Malarkey: Austin and Portland, Ore.

Richard Blais: Stockholm 

Catherine McCord: Paris 

G. Garvin: Chicago 

Troy Johnson: San Diego 

Beau MacMillan: “Chicago is just a real man’s eating town.” 

Aarti Sequeira: Portland, Ore. 

Geoffrey Zakarian: Lyon, France 

Sunny Anderson: New Orleans 

Valerie Bertinelli: “I’m loving LA. There’s a lot of fabulous restaurants here."

Duskie Estes: Seattle