Food Network Stars and Their Pets

Browse these photos and get to know the four-legged friends of your favorite stars.

Nacho (Bobby Flay)

"This is my son, Nacho Flay," Bobby says, introducing his 1-year-old Maine coon. "He's big into shellfish and finfish."

Bella (Giada De Laurentiis)

"Salmon — freshly poached, no dressing," Giada notes of her cat Bella's favorite food. "Every morning she waits for her salmon."

Hazel (Marcela Valladolid)

"Hazel's actually a stray that came with the house we're in now. We moved in October 2013, and she's since become a part of the family. My son, Fau, adores her and so do I!"

Truffle Tycoon (Sunny)

"Truffle Tycoon is the big man on campus. He's a Maine coon. He's sweet and calm and does all the talking."

Milky Mouth (Sunny)

"One day I was in my test kitchen and I heard a report on the radio about a lady that had 44 cats, and her landlord was going to kick her out if she didn't get rid of the bulk of them. I stopped cooking and went and got Milky."

Sea Salt Hitchcock (Sunny)

"Sea Salt is a Food Network connection. Justin Warner tweeted out a picture of an adorable little kitten that would show up in his restaurant's back courtyard. He said, 'Who can take care of this cat?' And I was like, 'Me.'"

Luna (Valerie)

"Betty White named her," Valerie revealed of how adopted dog Luna came into her name. "We couldn't come up with a name for her."

Cowboy and Roxy (Guy Fieri)

"Cowboy (left) is a German shepherd, and the mastiff is Roxy (female). Not pictured is the much smaller dog of the Fieri clan, Rockstar."

Cleopatra Bovia Wood (Damaris Phillips)

"For Christmas 2013 we made Cleopatra a yellow pompom bird with blue wings. We attached it by a string to a long dowel rod. Cleo named him Mr. Peeps and has decided the house is not big enough for the both of them."

Roxy (Melissa d'Arabian)

"Roxy, our 8-year-old rescue Lab, is always wondering what all the fuss is about (we have four girls). She'd eat anything at any time and has no idea why anyone would ever be picky!"