What Will Food Network Stars Never Be Caught Eating?

Take a look at some of the ingredients your favorite Food Network stars say they wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. 

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Katie Lee: Wasabi

"I love spicy food, so I’m not sure why I have this aversion to Wasabi, but I really detest it.”

Richard Blais: Bugs

Cooking Fried Insects

Giada De Laurentiis & Aarón Sanchez: Green Peppers

“I like red bell peppers and yellow peppers, but green bell peppers just don’t taste like much of anything,” says Aarón. 

Geoffrey Zakarian: McDonald's

Guy Fieri: Eggs

“I’m not a huge egg fan.”

Jeff Mauro: Cottage Cheese

Ree Drummond & Chris Santos: Bananas

“Banana splits, banana cream pie, banana bread … I want nothing to do with them BLECH," says Ree.

Anne Burrell & Alton Brown: Calf's Liver

Close up view of calf's liver

Donal Skehan: Licorice

“I absolutely hate licorice. Just hands down, I do not like it as a flavor.”

Alex Guarnaschelli: Pattypan Squash or Haggis

Yellow Pattypan squash on a word surface with gray zucchini.

Tregaye Fraser: Oysters

“Oysters, raw. I’ll cook ‘em for you. But don’t you ask me to eat it.”

Marcus Samuelson: Frozen TV Dinner

Sunny Anderson: Seafood Pepper Pot Soup

“After doing Chopped All-Stars, I’ll never eat seafood pepper pot soup.” 

Simon Majumdar: Coffee and Oysters

Tia Mowry: Okra

“I can’t tell you when the last time I had okra. I think I was like, maybe 12 years old, and it was disgusting. I will never, ever forget. It’s gross, so okra. I hate, hate, hate okra.”

Scott Contant: Durian, Insects & Rodents

Antonia LoFaso: Foie Gras

foie gras