Guy's American Kitchen & Bar: Look Inside Guy Fieri's New York City Restaurant

Take a peek inside Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, Guy Fieri's restaurant in New York City.

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Guy's American Kitchen & Bar

Located in the heart of Times Square, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar is about big, bold flavors with a menu packed with off-the-hook scratch-made food, handcrafted signature beers and killer cocktails.

What You'll Find on the Menu

Inspired by Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy created a menu that brings together everything America has to offer in the way of eclectic flavors without boundaries.

The Space

With two main levels of dining, the restaurant seats up to 508 diners. The lower level is the largest open space, which is perfect for parties. The restaurant also features smaller, more intimate rooms that are decorated with some of the items Guy has collected over the years, including family memorabilia and an inspiration wall of chefs he's looked up to.

Entering Flavortown

Guy's mottos can be found all over the restaurant. You know right away you're in Guy's house and you'd better be ready for some fun and food.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is located between the two dining levels so that the time at which food goes out can be perfectly calculated — plates reach diners as hot or cold as they were prepared. Guests can take a peek into the kitchen from the staircase leading to the lower level.

Enter for Winning Dinners

Walking down this staircase, you'll pass the open windows to the kitchen (in the previous slide) and encounter this large wall emblazoned with another of Guy's mottos. But in his restaurant you can find more than just a winning chicken dinner — the menu has everything you'd expect, including all the American comfort foods.

Lighting It Up

Throughout the various levels you'll find unique light fixtures above you, like this one, which has "Lovin' It" written on the wooden bands. There's also a unique pot-rack light fixture when you enter.

The Bar

The restaurant has a bar on your right when you immediately enter and a larger wraparound bar on the upper level. At both you'll find televisions tuned in to local networks as well as the Food Network, where it all began for Guy.

Inspiration from the Man Himself

Just along the first-level bar by the windows, you'll find a painting that was inspired by a tattoo of Guy's that memorializes his sister Morgan. You can't go far in this space without seeing a real-life part of Guy on the walls.

Vintage Inspiration

Guy's an avid car collector and he just so happens to own many in the color yellow because his first vintage car — a 1971 Chevy Chevelle — was yellow. Here, a Camaro, which happens to be the car Guy drives on Triple D (although that one's a red convertible), is painted on the wall of the lower level. You'll find murals inspired by vintage items all over the space.

Beating Him to It

Guy notoriously dislikes eggs, but that's something the designer of this art installation didn't know when he created a wall made up entirely of eggbeaters. Guy got a major kick out of this when he first saw it.

Guy Fieri Gear

On your way out, don't forget to stock up on Guy Fieri gear, including cookbooks, autographed dinner plates, trucker hats, T-shirts and more.