I Heart My Coffeemaker: Food Network Chefs' Favorite Machines

Food Network stars show us their preferred coffeemakers.

Miele Whole Bean Coffee System (Model CVA 4066)

Ted Allen: "My Miele system is a splurge, but it's awesome, especially if you have a lot of houseguests. Anybody who wants a cup of coffee can have it in 10 seconds — espresso, cappuccino, americano, all with just the touch of a button. It also has a plumbed-in water connection, because if I'm spending this much on a coffeemaker, I'm not filling up a tank." 


$3,449; mieleusa.com

KitchenAid Personal Coffeemaker

Anne Burrell: "I have a delightful little KitchenAid coffeemaker that produces enough coffee for a travel mug. I love, love, love the convenience when you need to take it on the run!" 


$100; kitchenaid.com

Bodum Chambord 34-Ounce Coffeemaker 

Alex Guarnaschelli: "My recipe for coffee? I measure the amount of coffee to put in relative to the water and then add two extra spoonfuls of coffee. I pour boiled — but not boiling — water over the grounds, stir and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Then I press and drink with cream, no sugar. Sublime." 


$40; bodum.com


Unic Stella di Caffè

Scott Conant: "My Unic Stella di Caffè is a gorgeous machine. It really adds something to the space and just makes fantastic coffee. It can be custom-programmed and has an excellent pressure system." 


$14,000; unic-usa.com

Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker (Model DCC-1100) 

Katie Lee: "I'm usually bleary-eyed waking up, not knowing what's up from down. So I need the easiest coffeemaker available. This one is simple to use. I set it up the night before so in the morning I just have to come down and hit 'on.' I don't need a bunch of bells and whistles." 


$70; cuisinart.com

Bialetti Moka Express 

Gabriele Corcos: "At home, I only use the Bialetti Moka. We have every size, all standing proudly on top of our refrigerator. My two-cup maker has been with me since I was 17! There are just two extremely important things: Never forget it on the stove (the seals will burn), and never wash it with soap. A quick rinse is more than sufficient. In South America they never rinse the pot, and they sweeten the coffee by adding sugar to the brew as it comes out. After a decade of use, the inside gets coated in caramelized coffee, which makes the signature flavor." 


From $25; bialetti.com

Nespresso Pixie Steel 

Melissa d'Arabian: "My husband got me hooked on my daily espresso! Paired with a square of dark chocolate, it's my go-to mini dessert after a meal. It almost feels like a meal isn't over until we've had that. We love our espresso so much that, in addition to having a machine in the kitchen, we have one in our master bathroom — because sometimes 'downstairs' sounds too far away — as well as in my husband's home office. So, yes, we have three!"


$179; nespresso.com

Miele Nespresso Capsule Coffee System

Marc Murphy: "I love this machine because it makes incredible coffee and amazing espresso at the touch of a button with little mess. Plus, it's easy enough for my kids to use, so we can get coffee in bed!" 


$2,799; mieleusa.com 

Bodum Brazil 34-Ounce Coffeemaker 

Jeff Mauro: "I use a classic Bodum French press. I buy small batches of super-dark, super-oily beans, grind them in the morning and put three scoops in the press with some hot water. It's like torture waiting for the grounds to steep, but the aroma and ritual of it all is intoxicating. I take two cups black during the weekdays, but on the weekends I take it with fresh half-and-half and some Mexican vanilla powder I got in Puerto Vallarta."


$20; bodum.com

Nespresso Gran Maestria 

Geoffrey Zakarian: "As much as I love pulling a hand-crafted espresso, my life at home usually does not allow me the luxury. I opt instead for Nespresso's Gran Maestria machine. With the push of one button, I get my espresso just how I need it — fast! And I love the cup warmer on the side. We preheat our coffee cups at my restaurant The Lambs Club, and with this machine, I can enjoy this nice touch of hospitality at home too." 


$599; nespresso.com

Keurig Special Edition Brewer 

Ree Drummond: "I told myself I was going to use my Keurig until it quit on me ... and by golly, it hasn't quit yet. I've had the same one for years! I love the Starbucks French Roast cups (I can get them in my small town; go figure!) because they're nice and strong, but I mostly love the Keurig because I can have coffee anytime I need a 'hit' throughout the day. And since I'm the only person in my family of six who drinks coffee, I would hate to brew a whole pot in the morning. Plus, I don't have the patience to wait for a pot to brew; at 5 am, coffee is a critical need!" 


$150; keurig.com

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