Inside Marc Murphy's Kingside Restaurant

Take a photo tour of Food Network's Chopped judge Marc Murphy's newest restaurant, Kingside.

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Welcome to Kingside

The chef and owner of two locations each of Ditch Plains and Landmarc, Chopped judge Marc Murphy launched his newest restaurant, Kingside, in New York City's Viceroy Hotel.

The King of Kingside

"I guess I've opened myself up to be able to do different cuisines here, in the sense we're calling it 'new American,'" Marc explains of his eatery. "I'm excited to be able to produce new food and [a] new concept to my beautiful city."

Expansive Space

The front of Kingside is largely encompassed by the bar, boasting high-top tables and leather-clad booths. Marc tells FN Dish of his hopes for the eatery, "I want people to be able to come here and share their food and experience it and in not such a formal way."

In on the Action

Located at the rear of the restaurant, this chef's counter overlooks the finishing kitchen at Kingside. "It's done two things. It's done a visual something to bring people into the restaurant, but not only that," Marc notes. "People that are single travelers, who are staying in the hotel, they are all eating here. It's just more comfortable to eat here than it is in a bar."

Reimagining Tabletops

In addition to the chef's counter and bar area, Kingside boasts a main dining room outfitted with wooden tables, and, much to Marc's satisfaction, they aren't adorned with tablecloths. "We're on 57th Street, and we don't have tablecloths," Marc notes. "We're really trying to create a downtown feel in midtown. And I think a lot of people are appreciating that."

Fitting Title

"The name Kingside comes from the checkered floor. And we couldn't come up with a name, and we were looking up chess terms, and we really liked the name Kingside," Marc notes. "And since Scott Gerber came together to do this venture, we're two kings on the same side of the board!" Just like the black-and-white checkered floors, the walls at Kingside are also black and white.

Casual Meets Chic

Since Marc is committed to making sure Kingside is both welcoming and comfortable, much of the dining room is wrapped in chalkboards that are hand-painted with definitions to add to the atmosphere of the restaurant. "We're putting up different definitions of things, and it's turning out really nicely. They're culinary definitions, and we've thrown in a couple chess terms," Marc says.

Spanish-Style Starter

Marc's "new-American" menu features internationally inspired dishes, like this Spanish-inspired Grilled Octopus appetizer with chorizo and papas bravas — potatoes topped with a creamy tomato sauce.

French Flair

Rich and indulgent, this appetizer of Roasted Snails is a classically French dish, here served with bone marrow.


Marc notes that the bar, which sits near the restaurant's 57th Street entrance, has become popular with late-night guests, especially those staying at the hotel. "It's like a great sort of living room for them to be able to come to at the end of the night before they go."

Hear More from Marc

Check out FN Dish's complete interview with Marc at Kingside, then head over to the Chopped headquarters to find out more about Marc and the rest of the judges' panel.

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