Meet the Faces of Food Network Kitchen

Get to know the team behind Food Network Kitchen. These unique, talented food professionals cook, taste, shop, prep and write recipes.

Athen Flemming, Culinary Steward

My job is to keep the kitchen area clean and stocked so the chefs are prepared to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

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Danielle LaRosa, Culinary Producer

I help food shows come to life. Before a shoot, I'll help coordinate details between the production company and the food stylists working on the show.

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David Mechlowicz, Senior Culinary Producer

I oversee culinary aspects of competition/reality, in-the-kitchen programming and digital programming.

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Ginevra Iverson, Recipe Developer

I write, develop, collaborate on and test recipes for Food Network Magazine.

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Jacob Schiffman, Culinary Purchasing Manager

I work very closely with our purchasing assistant and director of food and beverage in supplying all of our chefs with food and food-related products.

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Jenny Bierman, Culinary Producer

I do anything from figuring out how to film a cooking show with no stove, finding 14-pound turkeys in August (or Halloween cookie cutters in March), or trying to condense a four-hour recipe into a 30- second demo on live TV.

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Jill Novatt, Director of Culinary Production

I think about food all day long.

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Loan Nguyen, Department Coordinator

As the department coordinator, I keep the ship running. On a daily basis, I’m responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the office and all administrative functions.

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Leah Brickley, Recipe Developer and Nutritionist

My day typically bookends with researching, cooking, tasting, enjoying, evaluating and talking about food.

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Lygeia Grace, Senior Editor

I manage and edit the hundreds of incredibly diverse recipes that come out of Food Network Kitchen and the dozens of cooking shows on Food Network and Cooking Channel monthly.

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Mary Beth Bray, Associate Culinary Producer

I think about food, taste food, write recipe breakdowns, research food and do anything that relates to food.

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Melissa Gaman, Recipe Developer

I spend most of my days cooking and eating. There is also researching, writing and editing recipes to make sure whatever deliciousness we taste is captured in easy-to-follow directions for our audience.

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Miriam Garron, Sous Chef

I do a little bit of everything that our kitchen staff does: production work, recipe testing and developing.

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Morgan Hass, Food Stylist

I style food for print and television. That means I cook beautiful food that reads as delicious on camera and often tastes delicious, too.

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Richmond Flores, Food Stylist

I participate in the planning and execution of projects for Food Network Kitchen.

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Ricky Scott, Steward

My daily duties include working in the dish room, running errands and the maintenance of the basement storage area.

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Robert Bleifer, Executive Chef

I oversee the team that takes care of the food needs for about 15 shows, caters events in the kitchen, food-style for photo shoots and develop recipes for Food Network Kitchen.

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Stephen Jackson, Recipe Developer

I develop recipes in the test kitchen for Food Network Magazine.

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Suzanne Flood, Culinary Production Manager

I manage and oversee the culinary expenses when we’re making food shows.

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Vincent Camillo, Food Stylist

I am technically a food stylist, but I spend more of my time developing recipes and orchestrating talent appearances on TV.

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Vivian Chan, Recipe Tester

I am responsible for cross-testing the recipes from the developers and talent for Food Network Magazine and the Web.

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Young Sun Huh, Food Stylist

I work from project to project, so on any given day I might be working on set for a TV show or setting up a cooking demo.

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Chanel Betuk, Merchandise and Licensing Coordinator

I manage the day to day operations of our brand extensions; from our wine brand entwine to our Food Network Kitchen restaurants.

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