Star Bar: Masaharu Morimoto

Check out the Iron Chef's home bar in Waikiki, Hawaii, plus get his Hawaiian-inspired cocktail recipe.

Photo By: Linny Morris

Photo By: Linny Morris

Photo By: Linny Morris

Photo By: Linny Morris

Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Perfect Place for a Drink

Hawaii is technically a work destination for Masaharu Morimoto (he has restaurants in Waikiki and Maui). But when he bought his Waikiki apartment last year, the Iron Chef and restaurateur reconfigured the rooms for entertaining. A construction crew tore out two of the three bedrooms and turned the area into a bar and dining room right off the kitchen. "The condo is for me and my wife," he says. "We love to spend time at home, and the kitchen and bar are much more important than an extra bedroom." From behind the counter, Morimoto can see the rainforest-covered Manoa Valley. That (plus a cocktail) is enough to make even the busiest chef slow down. "I never wanted to live here and do too much relaxing," he admits. "But I love Hawaiian people, I love Hawaiian weather … it grew on me."

House Labels

The bar could easily open for business: It's stocked with the chef's favorite top-shelf bottles, including Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey, Grey Goose vodka, and his own line of premium and aged sakes, which he serves at his restaurants.

Chef's Table

The dining room behind the bar seats six — perfect for small dinner parties. What's on the menu? Whatever's fresh from the local seafood market, Morimoto says.

First-Class Seats

Morimoto designed his bar so guests would stay awhile, providing ample counter space and big, comfortable bar stools (with backs!). Hayneedle sells similar stools. $200 each;

Iron Chef Cocktail

He created this Hibiscus Sazerac for an Iron Chef battle in Hawaii. Channel your inner Iron Chef and make it at home. 

Get the Recipe: Hibiscus Sazerac