Star Kitchen: Jet Tila

Chef and Food Network judge Jet Tila shows us his Los Angeles kitchen.

Photo By: Jessica Sample

Photo By: Jessica Sample

Photo By: Jessica Sample

Photo By: Jessica Sample

Photo By: Jessica Sample

Photo By: Jessica Sample

Take a Look Inside

Jet Tila has come a long way since he was a kid helping out at his parents’ Thai market and restaurant in Los Angeles — but distance-wise, he hasn’t gone far at all. The restaurateur and frequent Food Network judge lives just one mile from Thai Town, where his parents opened Bangkok Market, the first Thai grocery store in the United States, in 1972, followed by Royal Thai restaurant in 1978. The home Jet shares with his wife, Ali, and their two kids, Amaya, 5, and Ren, 2, is also a quick drive from Chinatown, one of his favorite spots in the city. He often picks up groceries there or in Thai Town to cook at home in this well-appointed kitchen. He designed the space to hold four ovens (including a convection microwave), two sinks, a giant island and a restaurant-grade espresso station for Ali. This room is where he says he feels most at peace — not that his kitchen is ever all that calm. “We turn it upside down every single day, and then we clean it up every night. It feels like a restaurant!”

Massive Sink

Jet calls his sink the “big daddy.” It’s 45 inches wide, which means it can hold a full sheet pan, a couple of stockpots—even his toddler, Ren, who sometimes gets a rinse here after playing outside.

Family Keepsake

This mortar and pestle, made of eucalyptus wood from northern Thailand, is Jet’s mother’s. She didn’t exactly give it to him: “I stole it from her kitchen and I’m
never giving it back!” he jokes.

Statement Tiling

Jet’s kitchen design advice: Splurge on the backsplash. “You don’t need a lot of tile for it to really pop,” he says. His custom tiles were handmade in Morocco.

Kitchen Mascot

When Jet laid eyes on this Pillsbury Doughboy cookie jar at a food conference
a few years ago, he had
to have it. “Whenever I take photos in the kitchen or post cooking videos, it’s the number one thing people comment on.”

Serious Coffee

During his kitchen remodel, Jet considered putting a steam oven in this wall but instead installed a fancy espresso machine just for his wife. Now he uses it all the time, too. “I’ve come to the dark side!” he says.

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