Star Spotlight: Ayesha Curry

The Food Network host tells Food Network Magazine about her beauty routine — and her 10-minute workout.

Photo By: dave lauridsen

Photo By: Cory Dawson

Photo By: Peter Frank Edwards/Redux

Photo By: Cory Dawson

Get to Know Ayesha

Get her beauty tips, exercise secrets and find out what online shops she swears by.


Hair Tamer

“I’m not loyal to a single shampoo — I’m a jumper. But my hairstylist did turn me on to the KeraCare wax stick. It smooths the edges down — it’s really my jam. You put it on with a toothbrush, so now I have a toothbrush that is just for my hair.”

Rosy Glow

“Japonesque blush is my favorite in the whole world. You can’t put too much on, you can’t put too little on. It’s foolproof.”


Morning Pick-Me-Up

“In the morning, I always put some essential oil on my face with a hot towel and breathe it in — it wakes me up. I even got a spa towel warmer on Amazon.”

Spin Cycle

“I got a Peloton at-home spin bike for my birthday. There are workouts in increments from 10 to 90 minutes. I’ve done the 10-minute one, the 30-minute ones — but never the 90-minute ones. It gets the job done.


“I have the Model X Tesla SUV. The doors to the backseat go up instead of out, so whenever I’m in a tight spot I can get the kids out of their car seats, no problem. And when I turn it on, it’s programmed to say ‘Mommy’s swag-mobile.’ I love it!”


Beloved Necklace

“My favorite jewelry is from Jennifer Meyer. I had them make a necklace that says Ryan ♥ Riley, and I have another one that says Mommy.”


Target Runs

“I’m a serial online shopper — Shopbop, Net-a-Porter and FWRD. Of course, I also love Target. I get lost there—I get a million and one things I don’t need. We love Welch’s Fruit Snacks. They’re gluten-free and the perfect gummy texture.”