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Star Spotlight: Ted Allen

Ted Allen dishes his lifestyle tips to Food Network Magazine.

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Photo: Anders Krusberg

Get to Know Ted

The Chopped host tells us about his essential jeans — and the secret ingredient in his 10-second hairstyle.


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Slip-On Sneakers

“When we’re shooting, I’m on my feet for the whole day—an episode takes 12 hours — so comfort is key. My go-tos are laceless Converse All Stars by John Varvatos. Some people think sneakers are not OK with suits. I don’t care.”

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Press On

“Aaron Ssnchez gave me a tortilla press and I love it. Fresh corn tortillas are super easy and they’re so much better than store-bought. The secret: Line the press with two pieces of plastic cut from a freezer bag and the tortilla will peel right off.”


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Lean Jeans

“Kitty Boots has been my stylist since Queer Eye, and she puts me in Levi’s 511 jeans — slim, but not skinny.”


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