Star Spotlight: Geoffrey Zakarian

The famously dapper host of Cooks vs. Cons and co-host of The Kitchen is always dressed to impress.

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Geoffrey Zakarian

The host of Cooks vs. Cons and co-host of The Kitchen tells Food Network Magazine how he came to own 25 pairs of eyeglasses.

Casual Clothes

"Yes, I do own and wear jeans. I like 7 for All Mankind, and one day I'm going to buy a pair of Kiton jeans, but I can't quite yet bring myself to part with a thousand dollars for them."



"I never saw my dad in anything other than a shirt and tie — even in the heat of summer. So I got some of my sense of style from him. He always said, 'Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,' and when I'm at work, I wear a blazer — then take it off and put on a chef's jacket over my shirt and tie."


"I wear sneakers only when I'm at the gym. I work out with Noam Tamir at TS Fitness, and he has me do rowing, Pilates and the elliptical. Working out is the most-devastating thing I do each day — but when I'm done, I feel great."



"I started going gray in my mid-30s. I dyed it once or twice, and I hated it. I don't mind the gray — honestly, I'm just happy I still have hair. I've been going to this French barber, Martial Vivot, for years; I use all his products."



"I use a lot of products: Creme de la Mer moisturizing lotion, Remede exfoliant ... and, when I'm traveling, I take Kiehl's. The first time my wife, Margaret, and I went away together, we had his and her sinks and I probably had 50 to 60 products I laid out — I wish I were joking. She knew what she was getting into."


"I don't own a car, but if I were to own one, it would be the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. It's not pretentious — it's a great car. Even with my restaurant Georgie in Beverly Hills, I still won't get a car. I can always rent one."


"I've been in New York City for 36 years and have kept all the glasses that I've gotten during that time. I have maybe 25 pairs — and I rotate them. I'm in the studio about 100 days a year, and I like to mix up my glasses."