Star Spotlight: Sandra Lee

The Halloween Baking Championship judge spills her secrets for looking good — on camera and off.

Photo By: Andras Wiesenack ©© Andreas Wiesenack / Matter

Photo By: Ben Goldstein

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Photo By: Ben Goldstein

Sandra Lee

Read on for her makeup tips, costume tricks and pet-travel secrets.

Moisturizing Mud

"For my face, I use Fango. Borghese has been around for decades — it's the real deal. And Fango is cleansing and moisturizing — a perfect one-stop facial regimen." Fango Active Mud, $72.50 for 17 1/2 ounces;

Fine Lines

"The only liner that really works for me is the Borghese ColorEdge pencil. I do my water line — that rim of the lower lid — and it stays on. When I'm on TV, I use black. For everyday, I use brown." Eclissare ColorEdge Eye Pencil in brownout, $22;

Skin Saver

"Unless I am shooting or doing red carpet, I am not going to be in full hair and makeup. My daily routine is about good skin care and drinking a lot of water. In the morning and at night, I use Espa Soothing Body Oil to wake myself up or calm myself down. I can't live without it." Soothing Body Oil, $68;

Color Scheme

"When I became Mom to Aspen [an American Eskimo dog], her hair got all over everything and I had to go with an all-white wardrobe. My white jeans are McGuire Denim. Like everyone, my weight fluctuates, but these jeans fit me no matter what. Now that Aspen has gone to heaven, I wear a lot of black, and people don't recognize me." McGuire Denim Majorelle Flare Jeans, $229;


Photography courtesy of Ben Goldstein

Speedy Witch

"My easiest costume ever is a vintage black dress, a tiara I put around my neck as a necklace and a witch hat. I wear those with lace-up boots that I got for $39.95 on Hollywood Boulevard and fishnets. I love black fishnets — if they tear, you can attach them to the hat for a veil." Adult Classic Black Witch Hat, $5;

Comfortable Car

"I've had a Range Rover since I was 35 — it's the one thing I really spoil myself with. I have the blacked-out version with black rims. It's comfortable and it seats a lot of people. It's like being at home — all relaxed, happy and safe." Range Rover, MSRP from $84,950;

Bird on the Fly

"My cockatoo, Phoenix, is always with me. I put him in a Wingabago car carrier and he loves it. When I leave him at home, he listens to classic rock. If I forget to put the music on — I'm not kidding — he has a bad day." Wingabago, from $179;


Photography courtesy of Ben Goldstein

Perfect Pet

This is Phoenix!