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26 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Blais 

You know Richard Blais as a whiz in the kitchen and a champion on TV. Get the scoop on what this Cutthroat Kitchen and Guy’s Grocery Games judge is up to off-screen. 
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All About Richard

Think you know Richard? Read on to learn little-known facts about the Cutthroat Kitchen and Guy's Grocery Games judge. 

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He Can’t Leave the Grocery Store Without: Body Wash

“An economy-sized pump bottle of Old Spice body wash, if you must know,” he says.  

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Career He’d Have If He Weren’t in Food: Baseball

“I would have loved to have been a professional baseball player,” he says. 

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First Food Memory: “Baked Clams at a Seaside Bar with My Parents”

Homemade Baked Clams with Lemon and Parsley

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