13 Things You Didn't Know About Tia Mowry

You likely know Tia as a mentor on Food Network Star Kids, but did you know that Anguilla is her favorite vacation spot? Check out more fun facts.

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Her Go-To Weeknight Dinner: Her Son's "Favorite Meal" of "Spaghetti and Meatballs"

Her Favorite TV Show: "Game of Thrones" 

Her Favorite Late-Night Snack: "Oreos"

Her Favorite Food City to Visit: "New York"

One Dish She Orders Out and Doesn't Make at Home: "Poke Bowls"

Her Favorite Burger Topping: "Bacon"

Her Happy Place: "My Bed"

The Strangest Thing in Her Refrigerator: "Kimchi" 

One Must-Have Dish at Her Last Supper: "Fried Chicken"

Her Least-Favorite Ingredient: "Okra"

Her Favorite Pizza Topping: "Pepperoni" 

Her Favorite Vacation Spot: "Anguilla"

Her Favorite Guilty-Pleasure Food: "Velvet Cupcake" 

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