Food Network Stars Share Their Go-To Midnight Snacks

Even professional chefs succumb to late-night snack cravings — from crunchy and salty concoctions to sweet and creamy treats.

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Late-Night Snacks from Food Network Stars

No matter how filling a dinner you may have had or how committed you are to going to sleep at an early hour, sometimes when the clock strikes midnight, you find yourself awake and hungry again. When the late-night cravings hit, it can take all things crunchy and salty or creamy and sweet to satisfy them — even for professional chefs. Food Network stars shared what eats they opt for in the middle of the night. From "potato-fried perfection" to "really good pizza" and "tropical fruit," the answers may surprise you.

Jeff Mauro

"Canned chips like Pringles, thinly sliced mortadella, American cheese: And microwave the whole thing for 35 seconds."

Katie Lee

"I’m asleep at midnight. I go to bed really early, so I don’t have a midnight snack."

Aarón Sánchez

"Wine and chocolate."

Ted Allen

"I don't really eat a lot at midnight. Cheese — it would be cheese. Actually, I do eat a fair amount at midnight, don't I? It's dangerous for me to have too much cheese and charcuterie in my fridge. I'm very much a salty person more so than a sweet person." 

Alex Guarnaschelli

"It's a tossup between a super-spicy fish taco, a hot dog with deep-fried bacon on it or a whole cake of any flavor — but it would have to be layered."

Sunny Anderson

"Tater Tots from Sonic — and I’ll eat them by themselves, with ketchup, chili, cheese and/or scallions. Lots and lots of tots — potato-fried perfection."

Amanda Freitag

"For sweet it's chocolate chip cookies and milk. Salty is tortilla chips and guacamole."

Geoffrey Zakarian

"Pizza. Really good pizza from New York."

Marc Summers

"Late at night, because I've become Mr. Healthy, I just eat a lot of tropical fruit. I eat mangoes and papayas and things like that. It's rather boring, but the last thing you want to do is eat any carbs or sugar late at night because that's when you get into trouble. So I've become a good boy and just eat fruit at night."

Maneet Chauhan

"Masala popcorn (popcorn with Indian spices)."

Scott Conant

"You know what I love? I love reduced-fat, extra-chunky peanut butter, and I'll eat it right out of the jar with a butter knife. Don't ask. It's a problem."

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