How to Make a Holiday Food Wreath

Use holiday treats to make a festive decoration for your door.

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©Burcu Avsar Prop Stylist: Anna Beckman

©Burcu Avsar Prop Stylist: Anna Beckman

©Burcu Avsar Prop Stylist: Anna Beckman

©Burcu Avsar Prop Stylist: Anna Beckman

©Burcu Avsar Prop Stylist: Anna Beckman

©Burcu Avsar Prop Stylist: Anna Beckman

Jingle Bell Rock

This rock-candy wreath will last much longer than a real evergreen one. Trim the ends of about 100 green and nine red rock-candy sticks to one inch and poke into a 12-inch round-edged extruded (heavyweight) foam wreath. Be sure to use a sturdy hook to hang this one: The sugar sticks are heavy!

Photographs by Burcu Avsar

Mint Condition

To make this shimmery wreath, unwrap about six dozen chocolate-mint candies and glue the wrappers all over a 12-inch round-edged extruded (heavyweight) foam wreath. Then make “branches” with wrapped candies: On a large piece of cardboard, arrange the candies into six large and six small branches (you’ll need eight candies for each large branch and five for each small one, as shown). Trace around the candies, cut out the cardboard branches, glue the candies onto each branch, then hot-glue the finished branches to the wreath.

Cinnamon Roll

This rustic cinnamon wreath is one decoration you can leave up long after the holidays. Cover a 12-inch flat foam wreath with seven yards of brown satin ribbon, then hot-glue about 70 cinnamon sticks to the ribbon. (Add a few longer cinnamon sticks, sold at crafts stores, to create a sunburst effect.) Cut 18 four-inch pieces of floral wire and thread each through a cranberry. Gather three cranberries and twist the wires to form a bundle; repeat to make six bundles. Poke the wires from each bundle into the wreath.

Pop Star

Enlist the family to help with this one. Pop about eight bags of popcorn and cut 10 strands of thread, each six feet long. String popcorn onto the strands, leaving a little thread on the ends to connect them. Wrap the strands one at a time around a 12-inch round-edged foam wreath, tying them together as you go.

A Marshmallow World

While you’re picking up marshmallows for hot chocolate, buy a few extra bags to make this easy (30-minute!) winter-white wreath. Insert about 150 toothpicks halfway into a 12-inch flat foam wreath, then skewer a marshmallow onto each toothpick. Refrigerate overnight to set. (Birds may fancy this one, so consider hanging it inside.)

Candy Fix

You can make this tasty wreath out of any cellophane-wrapped treats, like these cream-filled caramels or starlight mints. Cut curling ribbon into nine three-foot pieces, then tie candies (you’ll need about 10 pounds) along each ribbon, two inches apart — just make a knot around one twisted end of each candy so it dangles. Wrap the strands of candy around a 12-inch round-edged extruded (heavyweight) foam wreath one at a time, tying them together as you go.