Duff's Tailgating Party

Duff Goldman and the Ace of Cakes crew tailgate Baltimore-style.

Duff and Ace of Cakes buddies (from left) Lauren Friedman, Mary Alice Yeskey and Mary Smith go to M&T Bank Stadium parking lot early to secure a prime spot.

Mary Alice says: "Bread bowls are your best friends for tailgating – there's nothing to clean! Bring plastic bags for your dirty dishes, so you can just toss them in the car"

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This relish goes great with grilled sausage (next).

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Duff says: "Precut your meats into bite-size pieces before the game so you have them all ready to go."

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Duff says: "Layer for warmth, especially when you have an awesome team like the Ravens that'll go to the play-offs. It gets cold late in the season."

We couldn't help but notice that Duff's savory dishes go the way of his cakes: They're super colorful.

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Die-hard Baltimore fans!

Duff says: "I'm very into color, because you eat with your eyes first. Why have russet potatoes when you can have purple ones? I was thinking, 'Oh man, Ravens...purple potatoes.' "

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Duff says: "Always bring extra food (like this curried pasta salad!) because you're going to make friends in the parking lot. It's great bartering material if you forget something."

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Duff puts a torch to his pineapple!

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