Iron Chef Dorito Competition

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And the secret ingredient is... Doritos!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at this Iron Chef competition.

Dave, the network's culinary purchasing manager, opts for more of a comfort-food menu.

Rob, executive chef at Food Network Kitchens, takes a high-end approach.

Dorito-and-Corn Custard with Lobster and Mushroom Salad

Dorito Arepas with Chicken and Tomato-Chili Sauce and Dorito Ravioli with Ricotta and Chorizo

Dorito Misto with a Dorito Michelada

Doritoccini Pasta with Pancetta, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Garlic and Dorito Parmesan Cheese

Dorito Oat-Apple Crisp

Flash-Seared Salmon with Dorito Pearls