Kitchen Dos and Don'ts with Guy and Hunter

Follow these kitchen safety tips from Guy Fieri and his son Hunter to keep the focus on what's really important: spending quality time together and cooking delicious family meals.
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Don't Walk Away Before Putting Knives Away
When you're finished chopping, don't leave your knife in the sink or on the cutting board. It could be damaged or, worse, it could cut someone.

Do Treat Your Knives with Respect
Knives can be dangerous when not handled properly. Keep yourself and your kids safe and your knives in tiptop condition by cleaning and putting away your knives immediately after using. Clean the knife with soap and a washcloth or sponge, then dry the knife thoroughly with a towel and put it away.

Do Walk with Your Knife Pointed Down
Walking with a knife can be dangerous in a busy kitchen. To minimize the risk, keep your knife pointed toward the floor, not toward your fellow cooks. If you walk behind someone with a knife, tell them so — staying in communication keeps everyone safe!

Do Wash Up to Avoid Cross-Contamination
Cross-contamination is the transfer of bacteria from two different raw foods that can cause foodborne illness. To avoid it, thoroughly wash and dry your cutting board and knife with soap and water between cutting raw meat, fish or poultry and vegetables. To further minimize the risk, get color-coded cutting boards — one for meat, one for poultry, one for fish and one for vegetables.

Don't Forget About Presentation and Portions
Children and adults eat with their eyes first, so don't forget to spend a second making your dish look nice. Keep the edges of the plate clean and add colorful garnishes. Plating the dishes also helps kids learn about proper portioning.

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