The White House Garden

See how the White House Garden is mapped out, plant by presidential plant.


Photo by: Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems

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Garden Fun Facts

  • The garden cost $200 to start just seven months ago and has already generated more than 700 pounds of produce.
  • Fifteen volunteers a week, plus five full-time chefs, care for the 1100-square-foot space.
  • The garden grows six types of lettuce along with greens and spinach, eight types of tomatoes plus tomatillos, and five types of cucumbers – plus dozens of other varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits.
  • It's the first of its kind here since Eleanor Roosevelt's time.
  • Near this spot is a one-of-a-kind bee-hive that has produced 134 pounds of honey.
  • Fruits and vegetables that Thomas Jefferson grew at Monticello are growing in the White House garden.
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