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How to Make Banana Pudding Tiramisu

Layers of creamy mascarpone pudding, bananas and coffee-soaked vanilla wafers bring the best parts of these two classic comfort desserts. Make it the night before you plan to serve — the flavor and texture only get better.

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Banana Pudding Tiramisu

The only special equipment you'll need to prepare this comforting dessert mash-up is a three-quart trifle dish. Many of the ingredients may already be stashed away in your pantry.  
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Soak Vanilla Wafers in Espresso

In a small bowl, combine espresso and coffee liqueur. Dip the vanilla wafers in the espresso mixture, soaking completely for just a couple of seconds. Once soaked, arrange the wafers on the bottom of a 3-quart trifle dish to form a decorative ring.

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Prepare a Decadent Pudding from Scratch

To keep the pudding smooth, it's important to temper the egg mixture by whisking in just half of the hot milk before slowly adding the rest. Once it's thickened to a pudding-like consistency, remove from the heat and whisk in the mascarpone cheese until melted.  

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Layer Wafers, Pudding and Bananas

Spoon 2 cups of pudding on top of the vanilla cookies, smoothing it to the edge of the dish with a small spatula. Layer half of the banana slices evenly over the pudding, then repeat with two more layers. You can lightly dust the top layer of pudding with unsweetened cocoa powder for an elegant finish.

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