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Learn How to Pit Cherries

Learn how to pit cherries to make homemade Cherries Jubilee.
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Tip #1

Rinse your cherries in a colander and remove stems if necessary. If you have a cherry pitter, place one cherry under the spike, and squeeze till the pit comes out on the other side. This can be messy!
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Tip #2

No cherry pitter? Press the cherries with a knife to open them up and remove the pits. Double check to make sure the pits are really gone - you don't want to bite down on one while you're enjoying Cherries Jubilee.

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Tip #3

Cherries Jubilee is an old - school classic, making use of the woefully underutilized art of flambe. Flambeing caramelizes sugars and deepens flavors; with ripe summer cherries, that's really all you need.

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