Easter Bunny Cake How-To

See how to make an Easter Bunny Cake with this step-by-step guide from Food Network.

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Easter Bunny Cake

Celebrate Easter with this cute coconut-topped bunny cake. It's easy to make with our step-by-step guide.

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Cake and Frosting

First, bake two 9-inch layer cakes using your favorite recipe or a cake mix. Then mix up a bowl of frosting.

Cutting the Pieces

Add a thin layer of frosting on the flat side of one cake and top with the flat side of the other cake. Then measure about 5 inches across the diameter of the cake and slice it there.

Constructing the Bunny Cake

Flip the larger piece so it's cut side down on a large platter or cutting board. Cut the smaller piece in half crosswise so you have two layered wedges. One wedge can be the bunny's head — use a serrated knife to round off the top of the head and the nose, and reserve the scraps.

Add the Legs and Tail

Separate the other wedge into two pieces to make the back legs. Use your knife to round off the sharp edges. Mix all the cake scraps in a bowl with a fork until mashed, and then pack it into a ball. Use a little frosting to stick the ball to the back of the bunny to form the tail.


Frost the entire cake, tail and all. Frost more generously over sharp edges to create a rounded look.

Making the Bunny

Sprinkle the bunny with coconut and gently pat to adhere. For the ears, place the biscotti between the head and the body, close at the base and angled outward. Press them into the cake to secure them.

The Rabbit Ears

Frost the biscotti, then use pink icing to form the inside of the ear.

The Cute Face

Cut a marshmallow into three circles, discard the middle piece and use the two end pieces to make the bunny cheeks. Press two white jelly bean halves into the cake below the marshmallows for the teeth. Place a pink jelly bean above for the nose.

Making the Face

To make the whiskers, unravel a black licorice wheel and cut two pieces each about 1 1/2 inches long. Peel the strips apart halfway down, then cut each separated strip in half lengthwise. Tuck the whiskers behind the cheeks with a dab of frosting. Press a black jelly bean into each side of the head for the eyes.

Ready to Hop

Cut another marshmallow in half lengthwise and cut three toes in it. Place the marshmallow halves in front of the legs to make feet, and your bunny is ready to hop.

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