Recipe Tips: Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Make a beautiful passion fruit cheesecake.

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To zest citrus, grate the colored outside of the skin on a fine grater or rasp. Rotate the fruit and zest different spots to avoid the bitter white pith.

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Pour powdered gelatin over cool water - do not stir. Set aside to soften or "bloom." In a few minutes, the gelatin will absorb the liquid. 

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Purple passion fruit is the variety most commonly found in the U.S. It is slightly smaller than a lemon. It will ripen off the tree at room temperature or in the refrigerator and has a dry, wrinkly skin when ripe.

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To use passion fruit, gently scrape out the seeds, pulp and juice with a small spoon.

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To safely cut up a mango, cut off the top and bottom so the fruit can stand up. Cut away skin with a paring knife.

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Once you've removed the skin, cut off wide, flat chunks from the sides. Next, cut off the narrow edges. Be sure to avoid the pit in the middle.  

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Passion fruit and mango add an exotic, lighter touch to rich cheesecake.