How to Make Raspberry-Melon Gelatine

Make delicious raspberry-melon gelatine.

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To get rounded melon balls for your Raspberry-Melon Gelatine Royale, press the scoop into the flesh of the melon and twirl it around to cut the smoothest spheres.

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To "bloom" gelatin, sprinkle the gelatin over the surface of the Prosecco. Set aside the gelatin until it plumps and dissolves, about five minutes.

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Strain the raspberry gelatin through a fine mesh strainer to remove any small seeds. We use a degreasing cup to collect the juices because of its long spout, but it's fine to strain into a bowl or measuring cup.

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Raspberry-Melon Gelatine Royale is an elegant, refreshing dessert - a cross between a Kir Royale and a gelatin fruit dessert. It'd be great for a summertime celebration, or simply at brunch.

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