Recipe Tips: Riesling Poached Pears

Wow your friends and family with Riesling poached pears.

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Peel the pears in wide strips, leaving a small patch of peel and the stem intact.

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A melon baller is the perfect tool for coring pears. Scoop out the blossom of the wide end of the pear, and continue to scoop until you reach the seeds. Scoop the seeds and discard.

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Poaching the pears, or cooking them in liquid just below boiling, brings out their delicate flavor. Laying a circle of parchment on top ensures the fruit is submerged while it is poaching.

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Poaching in-season pears in Riesling, a white wine native to Germany, gives the fruit a clean sweetness. Cardamom Cream gives the pears a smoky counterpoint.