Recipe courtesy of Toll House

Meringue Drops with Mint Filled DelightFulls

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  • Total: 1 hr 5 min
  • Prep: 20 min
  • Cook: 45 min
  • Yield: 7 servings, about 6 meringues each
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¼ cup (about 40) NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® DelightFulls Mint Filled Morsels

Parchment paper

2 large egg whites, at room temperature

¼ teaspoon cream of tartar

½ cup Bakers (superfine) sugar

8 drops green food coloring

1 disposable pastry bag and ½-inch piping tip or gallon-size food storage bag


  1. PREHEAT oven to 225°F. Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment paper. PLACE DelightFulls morsels 2 inches apart on prepared baking sheets. Beat egg whites and cream of tartar in large mixer bowl on medium-high until stiff peaks form, about 1 to 2 minutes. Gradually add sugar, a tablespoon at a time, beating until smooth and glossy. Add food coloring; beat for a few minutes more or until mixture is very stiff and holds its shape. CUT end off pastry bag and place piping tip all the way to the bottom. Fold out the top of bag and place in tall glass to help keep upright. Spoon meringue mixture into bag, pressing to the bottom. Alternately, mixture may also be spooned into gallon-size food storage bag with ½-inch tip snipped from corner of bag. Holding bag straight up, pipe 1-inch dollops of mixture over DelightFulls morsels, pulling up to form peaks. BAKE for 45 to 60 minutes or until cookies are dry. Turn off oven and let stand in oven for at least 4 hours or overnight to completely dry. Store in airtight container for a few days. Tips: *Make sure to beat long enough until mixture is very thick, so it will hold its shape when piped. *Regular granulated sugar will work but the meringues will be chewier and will take longer to dry. Variations: Try NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® DelightFulls™ Dark Chocolate Cherry Flavored Filled Morsels with four drops of red food coloring and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract.