New words I have learnt recently:

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  1. Aktion - Action.
  2. Rancor - Bitter anger or animosity.
  3. Deference - agreeing to someone's decision, yielding to someone's opinion, willing to.
  4. Nana - Grandmother or nanny or nurse.
  5. Dole - Sorrow, grief, small quantities of money, money given as charity, money provided by government to unemployed.
  6. Scanty - barely sufficient, meager, not adequate, insufficiency or deficiency in quantity.
  7. Clinical - based on actual observation or extremely objective and realistic or based on.
  8. Factual - concerning facts or based on facts or related to facts or pertaining to facts.
  9. Vitriolic - harsh or corrosive tone or bitter criticism.
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Peanut Butter Molten Bundt

This decadent chocolate bundt cake is filled with molten peanut butter.

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