5 Ways to Upgrade Your Cream Cheese

Doctor up basic cream cheese with tasty toppings and mix-ins for a new spin on your Sunday morning bagel routine.

Cannoli Cream Cheese

Meet the cannoli bagel — the new way to eat dessert for breakfast. Scoop out your bagel, drizzle it with chocolate and stuff it with this ricotta cream cheese blend studded with sweet chocolate chips.

PB&J Cream Cheese

Swap plain peanut butter and jelly for PB cream cheese and jelly cream cheese. Add some jam in the middle for that classic middle school lunch feel.

Pesto Cream Cheese

Lighten up this rich Italian spread by mixing it with cream cheese, slathering it on a bagel and topping with a tomato. It's a different way to eat a bagel for lunch.

Pizza Dip Cream Cheese

You know that amazing pizza dip your friend's mom served at parties? It's 10 times better in a bagel! This pizza dip bagel is great for your own personal party, or it can be cut up and shared in mini bagel bites.

Sugar Cookie Cream Cheese

Everyone's favorite Funfetti cream cheese is taken to the next level with the addition of sugar cookie crumbs.

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