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The Kitchen Gadgets Every '90s Kid Needs

If you tuned into Kenan and Kel every day after school and kicked back to the dulcet tones of *NSYNC pumping through your Walkman, then these '90s-inspired kitchen gadgets are for you.

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Aladdin-Inspired Oil Pourer and Stopper

Genie called; he wants his lamp back.

This Aladdin-inspired oil stopper and pourer allows you to dress your salad while avoiding the messy oil drip down the side of the bottle. By utilizing the clever seal on the stopper, you ensure your olive oil remains fresh because, like the merchant in Aladdin says, “It is not what’s outside, but what is inside that counts.”

Get the Gadget: Oiladdin Pourer and Stopper

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Super Mario-Inspired Radish Shaper

Unfortunately, we don’t live in Mushroom Kingdom, and our vegetables don’t come with perfect white spots. Luckily, this vegetable shaper transforms your everyday radish into something straight out of a cartoon — and they may or may not give you super strength.

Get the Gadget: Ravanello Radish Shaper

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Battleship-Inspired Steamer Lid

Reminisce about your Battleship-playing days of the early '90s with this handy, silicone steamer lid. It seals in all the good stuff while releasing just enough steam through its perfectly placed smoke stacks.

Get the Gadget: Steam Ship Steamer Lid

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Snoopy Grilled Cheese Maker

What makes a better pair than melted cheese and toasted bread? Possibly the iconic duo of Charlie Brown and his dog, Snoopy. And when put together, like in this nostalgic grilled cheese maker stamped with Peanuts characters, you get a lunch so good you'll want to bust a move — Linus and Lucy style.

Get the Gadget: Snoopy Grilled Cheese Maker

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