How to Make an Over-the-Top OMG Cake

We can already guess what your party guests will exclaim when they see this stunner.

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Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird

A Cake That's Got Something to Say

We love a cake that knows how to express itself. In case the triple rainbow layers and technicolor decorations weren't clear enough, this cake comes right out and says how it feels — OMG! For this dessert, we were inspired by the Instagram-famous letter confections made by baker Adi Klingofer, but we dialed hues, candy and pizzazz all the way up to 11. Here's how to we did it, but don't forget the best part — the cake is totally customizable. Make it with whatever letters, colors and decorations you like.

Get the Recipe: OMG Cake

Cut Out the Letters

This cake starts with three vanilla sponge layers — get the full instructions for making them in the recipe. Once your cake is baked, it's time to cut out the letters. Print our OMG templates and place them close together on one of the layers. Use a sharp knife or a kitchen-dedicated X-acto knife to cut the letters out. Repeat the process with the remaining two cakes.

Get Ready to Layer Up

Place one set of letters on a 14-in x 18-in cake board spacing them 1-inch apart (a big platter could work too). A solid start is key to decorating success here — you'll appreciate the cake board when you're ready to move the dessert to your party buffet table.

Build and Pipe

Pipe mounds of buttercream (see the recipe to learn how to make it) in alternating colors onto the cake — the individual dollops look striking in-between the cake layers. Stack one set of matching letters on top of the first set of letters. Pipe the second layer of cake with more mounds of buttercream.

Keep Going!

Top everything with a third and final set of letters, taking care to keep the cake neat and even.

Finish With More Rainbow Buttercream

Pipe a final layer of buttercream mounds on the very top of the cake. Then, it's crucial to add your first embellishment quickly — add rainbow sprinkles immediately. The frosting will firm over time and the sprinkles won’t stick if you wait too long to add them.

Choose Your Own Decorating Adventure

The sky's the limit with decorating this cake! Gather your favorite candies and confections to do the job. Here we’ve used mini doughnuts, pink chocolate bars, rock candy, gummy candy and candy-covered chocolate pieces. We leaned heavily into a rainbow color palette, but let your creativity be your guide — a two-toned cake or even a monotone cake with lots of different-textured elements would also be great.

Be Playful With the Arrangement

The final look should feel eclectic and abundant — start with the larger elements like rock candy and doughnuts so you can space them out evenly among all the letters. Then fill in the rest of the open space with the smaller items. What a beaut!

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