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5 Ways to Eat Cereal Other Than Just with Milk

Salad croutons, a dessert crust and more: Here are five reasons to give your bowl and spoon a rest.
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French Toast Coating

Prepare for things to get a little meta when you dip battered French toast in Cinnamon Toast Crunch before frying it in butter. You'll be ruined for regular French toast forever after trying this version.

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Salad Croutons

Sometimes you need some extra crunch in your salad and you don’t have any croutons or nuts. What do you do? Grab that box of cereal! You’ll most likely want to stick with a neutral-flavored cereal, such as Rice Chex. (But if you want to add Lucky Charms to your salad, that’s totally up to you.)

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Breading for Fried Food

Try substituting crushed corn flakes for breadcrumbs the next time you decide to fry something. The cereal gave these mozzarella sticks an extra-crispy coating. Mmm … cheese.

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Ice Cream Topping

Maybe people would be a little bit happier if they had more ice cream in their lives. Sundaes are where you can really get crazy with your toppings (if you so choose). Go traditional with a hint of quirkiness by topping scoops of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, peanut M&M's, Cocoa Puffs, whipped cream and more Cocoa Puffs. Don't forget the cherry on top!

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