Back-to-School Is Coming! Start Your Lunch Prep Here

The best part of back-to-school is stocking up on supplies for your kid's brand new year. Dig into these lunchboxes, bags and accessories your kiddo is going to love.

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August 01, 2018
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Bento boxes are super trendy for the school lunch crowd. Putting the hype aside, they make a lot of sense. The food is kept separate and no individual snack bags are required. This leak-proof box comes as a two-pack that can be tossed in the dishwasher.

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If you've got a sandwich-every-day kind of kid, opt for an adorable box like this one that perfectly fits pre-sliced bread. Get it in this cute fox print or several other equally sweet critters.

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Feel a bit better about your impact on Mother Earth by using sustainable bags like these in primary prints. The maker claims that just one bag is equal to 500 disposable bags. Not a bad ratio!

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Hardly any kids use real paper bags these days, so really this look is for the kids who are into a little trompe l'oeil or maybe just down with retro looks in general. It looks old school but works new school with its reusable, insulated material.

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Keep them hydrated all day long with an insulated water bottle. This one comes with a twist-off lid instead of a straw or spout which makes for way easier cleaning.

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As a parent, you remain ever hopeful that your kid will wipe their own face when you're not around. Maybe they will if you give them napkins as fun as these? I'd put the odds at 50-50 but it's worth a shot!

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Keep cold foods cold by stashing a slim ice pack into their lunch bag. They're small enough to fit neatly in most bags but big enough to live up to their icy promise.

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Or, skip the ice packs altogether and get a lunch bag with freezable gel sown right into its lining. Toss this bag into the freezer the night before and it'll be ready by morning to keep lunch cool for hours.

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Space is at a premium in backpacks, so save what you can with a collapsible lunch tray. Fill it up in the morning, toss it in a bag, and once the food's been eaten, squash it down for the trip home.

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Kids these days eat way better at lunchtime than their parents did when they were young. If your little foodie is into a nice fresh pasta, or rice and peas, or chicken tikka masala, they're going to need an insulated container like this one.

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This two-container lunch set stacks on top of each other when it's full of food (think soup in one, crackers in the other, or maybe pasta and salad). When the food's all done, nest the smaller cup inside the big one to save space.

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This lunchbox comes fully vetted by animal-loving 11-year-olds (that may live with me, truth be told). Cats in glasses, does it even get any cuter?

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Make sure that when your kid loses their water bottle they'll easily be able to spot it in the lost and found bin by choosing one with distinctive designs. Of course this one is insulated and leak-proof.

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For leak-proof reusable bags, find a set like this one made with BPA-free plastic. They're closer in style to the traditional disposable bags with see-through material and zippers, but these are good to use again and again.

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Forget about scrounging around for the lids to match the containers by getting a set that's got its top attached. The big latches are easy for little fingers and the stainless steel makes for easy washing.

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Get your kid a set of school-only utensils for the lunches that require more than just their fingers. You'll love that your everyday cutlery will stop getting lost (how many of your forks have gone missing so far?) and they'll love having something just for them.

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FN Dish called it: llamas are officially a thing. Snag an oh-so-sweet llama lunch bag for your littlest luncher (and a matching backpack if you like). They may not be up on the latest llama trends but guaranteed they'll love this cutie anyway.

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This may not be the most practical item on the lunch list, but back-to-school has to include a couple of fun things, too, right? (Remember your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper?) The cat bento box fits the bill.

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