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Best Buys for Kids' Sleepovers

No matter their age, when it comes to feeding the kids, play it safe and stick to traditional crowd pleasers. Food won't go to waste, and no one will leave hungry: Win-win for all!

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Refrigerated Pizza Dough

DIY pizza is an activity that doubles as a homemade dinner. Be mindful about choosing topping options, so that any leftovers can be used in other meals.

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Popcorn Kernels

Skip pricey snack foods and give the kids the same satisfaction by serving freshly popped popcorn. Use on-hand pantry staples to season different batches. (The kids won't even realize they're snacking on whole grains!)

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Waffle or Pancake Mix

Instead of plowing through boxes of costly cereal or frozen breakfast goods, treat your houseguests to fresh waffles and/or pancakes. If the kids are old enough, hand over the reins and put them to work instead.

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Frozen Juice Concentrate   

Stock up on a few cans when the sales hit. Not only will this eliminate the cost of buying gallons of juice, but parents will also appreciate being able to water down any too-sweet batches.

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