10 Ways to Add More Produce to Your Wedding Menu

A house salad is boring and so are those steamed asparagus spears accompanying the chicken at dinner. Here are 10 innovative and exciting ways to add more produce to your wedding menu without passing out kale at the reception.

Produce Ice Pops

When balancing plates is not an option, or if you just want to have a little playground fun at your wedding, look to ice pops. Just like in juicing, ice pops are great made from many fruits and vegetables. From berries, beets and pomegranates to bananas, spinach and pineapple, there are infinite flavor options. And they might just be able to be infused with alcohol.

Fruit (or Veggie) Pie Table

Cakes are great, but why not try pie? A table of seasonal pies can be a fun cake alternative, and it's a great way to add more produce to your wedding. Honing in on seasonal produce like rhubarb for spring or berries for summer or pumpkin, apple or lemon pies for fall and winter can help guests embrace any season. Pies can be a sneaky, and delicious, way to add a dash of antioxidants and fiber. Have your caterer decorate the pie table with extra produce. We wouldn’t be mad if someone went for an extra serving of raspberries.

Pickle Bar

Food stations are a big hit. Not only are they interactive and fun, but they’re a great way to occupy a corner of the reception space with something beautiful. Fermented foods in the form of pickles come in all shapes and sizes, making for delicious decor — think Southern chow-chow and Moroccan pickled lemons. There are tons of ways to customize your plethora of pickles. Pair pickles with a Bloody Mary station or bread and cheese for an extra-delicious bonus, or send guests home with pickled products as favors.

Cucumber Melon and Microgreen Stack

Salads not your style? Don’t feel tied to a boring house salad at dinner. Go big or go home with this melon cucumber stack. It’s light and refreshing yet hearty thanks to the feta and olive oil dressing.

Roasted Root Chips and Fries

Fries are a family favorite, but do they always need to be potato? Explore other root vegetables like parsnips or even tropical plantains in chip or fry form. Adding new produce to the menu in a crowd-pleasing form may introduce your stubborn cousins to something they would never have tried before.

Juice Bar

Juice shops are increasingly common across the country, but have you considered a rainbow array for your wedding? Perfect for a brunch or bridal shower, or even a fun midnight sendoff surprise to go, blends of fruits and veggies will keep guests hydrated and energized for wedding festivities. Having an array of juices makes it easy to keep everyone happy, from your green-juice-savvy bridesmaid to the pomegranate-juice-loving ring bearer. To let guests know what each juice contains, consider a display of the produce within. This juice bar also has great potential to coincide with a true cocktail bar. Talk about excellent mixers!

Fruit and Nut Roll (Cheese Platter)

Having a charcuterie board or cheese platter can be the perfect pairing for cocktail hour. But beyond the bread, meat and cheese, what else can you serve? Try a fruit and nut roll to balance the salty and savory typical cheese platters. Dried apricot and walnut rolls or even fig and almond rolls are a nice addition for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. We also find that taking a slice of this is easier than trying to balance raisins on a cracker.

Beet Hummus

Let’s face it: Prepared incorrectly, hummus can seem bland and boring. Bump up the color (and nutrition) by adding beet to your hummus. Top with crunchy walnuts and fresh parsley for complementary flavors and serve with updated crudites like baby veggies. Hummus is a great option for vegan guests and will also help the partygoers stay full and satisfied thanks to healthy fat and protein.

Citrus Sorbet

Need a palate cleanser at dinner or a cool-down treat after a few hours on the dance floor? Sorbet is light in flavor and color, so if your venue is picky about anything stainable, sorbet is for you. Serve each flavor in the accompanying citrus peel for an impressive presentation; guests will be surprised how such a small package can brighten their night.

Frozen Chocolate Grape Truffles

If you’ve never had frozen grapes, you’re missing out. Frozen grapes are a fun treat at home, but dressed up in dark chocolate with toppings, they become unexpected truffles. Help guests cool down during dessert with this grape idea!