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13 Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

By: Natalie Gontcharova

Raise the bar on traditional food bars with these fun, fresh ideas.

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Artisan Popsicle Bar

Perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Make it truly yours with fresh fruit juices and seasonal berries. "You can even try infusing your popsicles with rum or vodka for the adults!" says Anastasia Stevenson, the DIY Wedding Planner.

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Biscuit Bar

"Here in the South, a biscuit bar is quickly becoming a must-have," says Stevenson, who is based in Savannah, Georgia. Chef Nick Mueller in Savannah serves up an "Anything Goes On a Biscuit" bar, which includes warm buttermilk biscuits with pimento cheese, braised beef with gravy, bacon salad, basil aioli, sliced ham, and other condiments.

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Bacon Bar

All types of bacon-themed goodies are fair game, like candied bacon, bacon-flavored popcorn, and chocolate-dipped bacon, says Diane Kolanović-Šolaja, creative director and owner of Dee Kay Events in New Jersey. Chocolate-dipped bacon is perfect for the "couple who agrees to disagree," she adds. 

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Coffee Bar

Lattes, espresso, cappuccinos: What a great perk-up after a long reception (and possibly too many glasses of champagne). To personalize, "have a signature heart swirled in each cup by your personal food-truck barista," and add colorful whipped cream, as well as cinnamon or peppermint-stick garnishes, suggests Stevenson.

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