13 Creative Wedding Bar Ideas

Raise the bar on traditional food bars with these fun, fresh ideas.

By: Natalie Gontcharova

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Artisan Popsicle Bar

Perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Make it truly yours with fresh fruit juices and seasonal berries. "You can even try infusing your popsicles with rum or vodka for the adults!" says Anastasia Stevenson, the DIY Wedding Planner.

Biscuit Bar

"Here in the South, a biscuit bar is quickly becoming a must-have," says Stevenson, who is based in Savannah, Georgia. Chef Nick Mueller in Savannah serves up an "Anything Goes On a Biscuit" bar, which includes warm buttermilk biscuits with pimento cheese, braised beef with gravy, bacon salad, basil aioli, sliced ham, and other condiments.

Bacon Bar

All types of bacon-themed goodies are fair game, like candied bacon, bacon-flavored popcorn, and chocolate-dipped bacon, says Diane Kolanović-Šolaja, creative director and owner of Dee Kay Events in New Jersey. Chocolate-dipped bacon is perfect for the "couple who agrees to disagree," she adds. 

Coffee Bar

Lattes, espresso, cappuccinos: What a great perk-up after a long reception (and possibly too many glasses of champagne). To personalize, "have a signature heart swirled in each cup by your personal food-truck barista," and add colorful whipped cream, as well as cinnamon or peppermint-stick garnishes, suggests Stevenson.

Donut Bar

Let guests choose from a smattering of flavors — or create their own with different glazes and inventive toppings. Kelly Heyn, owner and event coordinator at SociaLife Event Planning in New Jersey says she's seen everything from sprinkles, chocolate chips and marshmallows, to Oreos, bacon and even Fruity Pebbles.

French-Fries Bar

Serve up rustic-potato, red-potato, sweet-potato, truffle, and more, as well as various salts, dips and toppings for the ultimate crowd pleaser. "This is a great bar to serve as a midnight snack," suggests Kolanović-Šolaja. "Your guests will thank you for the hangover remedy!"

Grilled-Cheese Bar

Have your guests choose from various breads, cheeses, sliced meats, bacon and condiments to create their own mini versions of their comfort-food favorites. "An on-site chef can prepare their sandwich as they wait," says Tara Skinner, co-owner of Posh Petals and Pearls in Savannah.

Pickle Bar

You can pickle nearly everything, which is just one of the reasons why pickles are perfectly poised for a bar setup. Stick to the classics with a selection of pickled cucumbers ranging from sour to sweet, or, go a little out-there by offering an array of less common pickled delicacies, like eggs, watermelon rinds, carrots, etc.   

Milk & Cookies Bar

A great alternative to a wedding cake — or just a cute dessert option. Fun cookie flavors, like Milk Bar'sCornflake-Marshmallow-Chocolate-Chip, will liven up the display. Pro tip: Serve cookies atop of shot glass of milk for a kid-friendly shooter.

Pancakes & Waffles Bar

Another genius option for a brunch wedding — or as a midnight breakfast. Skinner suggests having your guests top their pancakes and waffles with fruit toppings such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, then drizzling them with their favorite flavored maple syrup or powdered sugar.

Pizza Bar

You can either have a variety of pizzas lined up and ready to go, or have them made on-site. "Guests could come up, order a personal sized pie with the toppings of their choice and have it made right in front of them. This option can take some time away from the party, but it will be worth the wait," says Heyn.

S'mores Bar

This campfire favorite is sure to be a hit with kids and "big kids" alike. "Building s'mores gives people a sense of comfort and a nostalgic feeling of family and togetherness," says Andrea Harper of Gray Harper Event Maker. "The parents will also love the fact that there is something for the kids to do, and they will most likely partake in it, too."

Snow Cone Bar

A colorful and inexpensive option that's perfect for the warmer months. Couples often add rum and vodka for an "adult frozen treat," says Stevenson.