9 Tips for a Delicious Brunch Wedding

Brunch wedding receptions are a popular option for couples looking to throw a budget-friendly bash. But serving good ol' bacon and eggs doesn't have to mean sacrificing on elegance and style. The 9 ideas from these real weddings provide inspiration for ways to throw an early and elegant affair that's worth waking up for.

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Raise the (Coffee) Bar 

For a bright and early ceremony, caffeination is key! Arrange for a self-serve coffee and tea station at the reception so guests can fuel up at their leisure. For a personal touch, order custom coffee sleeves or stirrers with a monogram or logo to commemorate the big day.

Pass the Appetizers 

Curb everyone’s appetites with bite-size snacks between the ceremony and reception. Savory hors d’oeuvres like crab cakes, deviled eggs, or chicken-and-waffle skewers are the perfect teasers for the forthcoming meal.

Serve It Up Family Style

In lieu of offering a buffet, create a menu that lends itself to family-style dining. Sharing platters of French toast, waffles and home fries as a table feels more classy and intimate than jockeying for a spot in line at a crowded buffet. That said, a carving station — serving honey-baked ham or roasted pork tenderloin — is a great way to incorporate a meat dish that’s cooked just right.

Elevate the Eggs

If a chafing dish filled with rubbery scrambled eggs doesn't fit your idea of elegant eating, try a different route with your egg dishes. Delicious options like eggs Benedict, quiche, and frittatas made with fresh and seasonal ingredients are true crowd-pleasers with a more refined feel.

Let Your Guests Customize the Meal

Since your guests probably won’t have the option of choosing their entree, they’ll appreciate any opportunity to tailor the meal to their tastes. Made-to-order omelet stations with a variety of cheeses, fresh vegetables and meats (like ham, bacon or sausage) add a fun, interactive aspect to any brunch. For something sweet, let guests pile crepes or biscuits with tasty toppings like jams, Nutella and fresh fruit.

Supplement with Lots of Sweets

If you plan to serve a modest menu, supplement the main course with plenty of fresh fruit, breakfast pastries and sweets (think maple-bacon muffins, doughnuts, croissants, Danishes, tarts and cinnamon rolls). The variety — not to mention the carbs — will help create the impression of an impressive spread.

Don’t Skimp on the Drinks

One of the biggest benefits of a morning or midday gathering is the cost-saving option of forgoing an open bar. But nixing alcoholic beverages entirely isn't a good idea either. Mimosas and Bloody Marys are musts for a brunch wedding; you can set out mix-ins like fresh juices and fruit purees for mimosas, and serve pickled veggies, bacon and shrimp for Bloodys. Offer a few beer and wine options for those who might need a break from the decadent cocktails too.

Leave Room for Cake

Sure, it’s the middle of the day, but when people come to a wedding, they expect to eat some cake! Because brunch receptions tend to be smaller-scale, you won’t need a massive confection, so have a bit of fun with the dessert. Many couples even tie in the brunch theme, rolling out a stack of fluffy pancakes or a cake crafted from doughnuts or crepes instead of a classic three-tiered creation.

Breakfast-Themed Favors

Send guests home from your brunch-themed bash with a fun memento like a bag of quality coffee beans or a Mason jar filled with premeasured pancake or waffle mix — they’ll thank you when the next lazy weekend rolls around.