Easy and Edible Wedding Favors

Favors are usually one of the last things couples mark off their wedding planning "to do" list. Instead, why not make them part of the fun? We created 10 easy, edible wedding favors for your guests that everyone is guaranteed to love. These ideas are easy to personalize with monogram stickers or tags that match your stationery. They’re also the perfect excuse to gather friends and family to put them together!

Fresh Fruit

This idea is as easy as it gets. Pick the perfect snackable fruit based on season, wedding theme or venue. Tropical wedding? Find the most-adorable hand of mini-finger bananas. Winter wedding? Score big with satsumas (pictured) or other citrus. If you’re a summer bride, work with a farmer to snag fresh berries.

Secret Sauce

Everyone has a family recipe that’s special. If your grandma makes an unbelievable tomato sauce, gather family together to learn how to make it and recreate it for guests. Jar it (make sure to follow safe canning procedures) and label it to match your stationery. A taste of your family traditions is a great gift to give! 

Local Honey

Thank your guests for bee-ing sweet with the gift of honey! Send guests home with a flight of local honey tasting options, or source honey from your favorite places to share. Tie on a honey dipper for an extra gift.

Potted Herbs

Potted plants are the gift that keeps on giving. Guests can plant the herbs in their garden when they get home or keep in their kitchen year-round. Each time they snip off a few leaves, it will bring to mind your wedding. Not only do herbs like rosemary make the room smell great, but you can also use them as centerpieces.

Bagels for Breakfast

This is the perfect favor for those with a hometown that is reputed for producing “the best bagels.” But even if you and your partner hail from a place that has no connection to these doughy delights, they make for an easy breakfast for guests the next morning. Go the extra mile to customize the bagels with toppings. Get ultracreative by using an egg wash and toppings to make patterns or your initials.

Chocolate Truffles

Truffles are the perfect bite-sized, sweet snack to end the night. Scoop up a variety to create a sampler that will make everyone happy. To send them home with guests, keep the truffles safe in their own little boxes that match your wedding colors.

Architecture Cookies

Cookies make everyone happy! Create delicious desserts shaped like buildings from your hometown or wedding venue location. You can even create a replica of your new home together. Place in bags and add a monogram sticker.

Infused Olive Oil

Olive oil is the base for many great dishes. Add cloves of garlic, dried chiles or herbs to plain olive oil and let guests choose their favorite as they exit the party. Pair it with a rustic bread or dried pasta to help them create a meal for the next day.

Custom Cocktail Kit

Box up a custom cocktail for a nightcap. You can work with a bartender to find the perfect cocktail. Source (or make your own) infused liquors or bitters, and include necessary citrus or barware.

Mocha Mix

If guests need a jump-start, send them home with a blend of coffee and chocolate to create the perfect mocha in the morning. Get creative and add seasonal twists like crushed candy cane or Peeps instead of marshmallows.