Our Essential Guide to Feeding a Crowd

No matter what type of party you're throwing, we've got a cheat sheet for how much food you should serve.

Just the Right Menu

Planning a party can make you feel like Goldilocks. You fear serving too little (lest your guests' growling stomachs drown out the conversation), but don't want to overbuy at the grocery store either. You need to craft a meal that's just right. Allow us to help.


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A variety of three to five dishes and a couple of energizing drinks are the foundation for a satisfying daytime shindig.

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Dinner Party

The evening allows for a more formal menu, if you choose. Plan wisely to serve a mix of appetizers, main dishes, sides and (of course) dessert.

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Kid's Birthday Party

As any parent knows, these get-togethers are quite the mixed bag. But it's easier than you think to ensure that little kids, big kids and the biggest kids (read: adults) are all well fed.

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Cocktail Party

The right combination of small bites encourages mingling — and a few festive drinks (alcoholic or not) are a must.

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