5 Winter Iced Teas and Punches

Your holiday spread isn't complete until you've stirred up one of these seasonal, thirst-quenching iced beverages.

Cool Winter Sips

There's no need to stop serving iced teas and punches when the thermometer dips low. Instead, make some tea and cool down your favorite fall and winter flavors by serving them over ice. 

Orange Pomander Iced Tea

Inspired by the pomander-ball school craft of sticking cloves into an orange to make a holiday ornament, this Orange Pomander Iced Tea is made with black tea (chai would work well too) and fresh-squeezed orange juice, served over ice with a rosemary stalk, cloves and an orange-peel twist. 

Caramel-Cinnamon-Apple Cider Iced Tea

Like sipping on a freshly baked apple pie, this Caramel-Cinnamon-Apple Cider Iced Tea is made by brewing tea along with caramel candies and then serving it with apple cider over ice. Finish with an apple slice, a cinnamon stick and cloves.

Sparkling Cranberry-Ginger Spiced Iced Tea

With its combination of cranberry and ginger flavors, this cool, fizzy tea is perfect for holiday parties. Mix equal parts ginger ale, cranberry juice and tea, then serve over ice and garnish with cranberries, sliced ginger and star anise. 

Sparkling Sugar Plum Fairy Punch

This whimsical punch is the perfect holiday beverage. Mix equal parts white grape juice, cranberry juice and seltzer water, then serve over ice and garnish with sliced plums and sugared black grapes on the vine. Punch bowls are making a comeback, and this beverage would look extra festive in a large punch bowl with plum slices floating on top and a bunch of sugared black grapes spilling over the side.

Muddled Pomegranate Cider Punch

A muddled cider punch will be the unexpected hit of your holiday party. Muddle pomegranate seeds and then mix with equal parts pomegranate juice and apple cider. Serve over ice with a tall rosemary sprig, more pomegranate seeds and a fig slice.