10 Kitchen Organization Essentials You Need at Target

Getting organized not only feels good, but it makes us better cooks since we can actually find the kitchen tools, spices, and ingredients we’re looking for! Here are 10 of our favorite Target products to get us through spring cleaning season, all while adding some fresh style and personality to the kitchen.

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Bamboo Criss Cross Spice Rack

Anyone else have a serious spice problem? It’s easy to run out of cupboard space when you start collecting exotic salts, smoked paprika, za’atar, and so many other exciting spices and seasonings out there. But with a fun criss-cross spice rack, who wouldn’t want to show off their spice collection? This bamboo rack holds up to 18 jars, which not only clears up cupboard real estate, it also acts as a nice reminder to cook with spices more often. An organized spice rack means a spice rack you’ll actually use more!

Buy It: Kamenstein Bamboo Criss Cross 18-Jar Spice Rack

Stoneware Nesting Canister

These farmhouse-chic stoneware canisters are perfect for storing tea bags, coffee beans, sugar, and other pantry items. They come in three different sizes, each of which is super multi-purpose, and the plastic seal ring keeps everything fresh. Try the small one as a sea salt holder, the medium one for flour or other baking ingredients, and the large canister as a cookie jar (did someone say cookies?).

Buy It: Stoneware Nesting Canister - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

3-Tier Storage and Utility Cart with Wheels

When you don’t have a giant kitchen with infinite storage space, this cart is a real lifesaver. Stick your microwave or blender on top, oils and vinegars on the middle shelf, and heavy jugs of juice down below. The cart is easy to assemble — you can snap it together in about 15 minutes. Plus those wheels easily glide across the kitchen floor to tuck the cart out of the way when guests come over for dinner.

Buy It: 3-Tier Storage and Utility Cart with Wheels - Chrome - Room Essentials™

Collector's Mason Jar with Lid

Can you ever have too many Ball jars? We’d argue no. While this 1-gallon glass jar isn’t safe for canning, it makes for a great storage container for snacks, dried beans, and other pantry items. The push-down lid easily pops off when refilling your favorite chocolate-covered pretzels or other snacks (because let’s be honest, those need to be refilled pretty often). We like the classic Americana look, which adds a little country fair vibe to your kitchen.

Buy It: Ball® Wide Mouth Gallon (128 Oz.) Collector's Mason Jar With Lid

Glass Food Storage Container Set

It’s time to upgrade those old plastic takeout containers and start packing your lunch in OXO’s glass storage containers. The silicone seal lids ensure leak-proof transportation throughout the bumpy ride to work or school. We also like how you can microwave the BPA-free glass containers without having to transfer leftovers into a new bowl or plate (save on dishwashing time = win!). The glass containers come in a range of sizes and conveniently stack in the fridge.

Buy It: OXO 8pc Glass Food Storage Container Set

Stainless Steel Compost Bin

Composting just got way easier with this handy little stainless steel bucket. Tuck it into a countertop corner and start tossing egg shells, coffee grounds, melon rinds, veggie peels, and other food scraps to your heart’s content! The stainless steel lid ensures no funky smells or fruit flies from forming. It’s a convenient size: not too space-hogging on the countertop, but will still get you through a few days of scraps before you have to empty it all out into the garden (which feels very satisfying, we might add).

Buy It: Natural Home® Stainless Steel Compost Bin

Jute Hanging Planter

No better time than spring to add some new life (literally and aesthetically!) to your kitchen. This hanging planter will find a home wherever there’s a little wall space to spare, no counter space needed. Hanging from a woven jute rope, the earthy tones give this planter a straight-from-the-pottery-kiln look. Bonus points if you decide to grow herbs in there — basil, mint, chives, and oregano all grow well indoors near a sunny kitchen windowsill, and will add a little burst of flavor to morning eggs or spontaneous pesto for pasta night.

Buy It: Jute Hanging Planter (8.5") - 3R Studios

Marble Mug Rack

Mugs can trigger memories of favorite places, people, or past events. You’ve probably built up quite the collection of mismatched mugs over the years. So why not show off this colorful assortment, all while saving shelf space, with a vertical mug tree? This one has a sturdy marble base so it won’t topple over from the weight of all six mugs you can fit on there. The tree also makes it that much easier to find your favorite mug in the morning while still bleary-eyed as the coffee brews.

Buy It: Marble Mug Rack - White - Threshold

Round Wire Decorative Storage Bin

This elegant pewter wire basket will be your new best friend around the house. It’s the perfect size for storing kitchen pantry items, like jarred or canned goods, a hefty sack of potatoes or garlic, or that fresh stack of tea towels from the laundry. It’s a sturdy, well-designed basket, not to mention has a lovely antique-looking copper handle accent. It’s also great for storing blankets in the living room, toys in the playroom, or towels in the bathroom — this basket is endlessly useful.

Buy It: Extra Large Round Wire Decorative Storage Bin - Antique Pewter with Copper Handle - Threshold

Rectangle Stainless Steel Trash Can

A durable trash can is a kitchen must-have. You want one that can handle a heavy load, keep odors trapped underneath its secure lid — and bonus points if it’s not an ugly, clunky contraption! This sleek-looking 40-liter Stainless Steel Trash Can has a convenient rectangular shape to fit into kitchen corners, and we love the hands-free foot pedal to easily open and close while hands stay clean.

Buy It: 40 Liter Rectangle Stainless Steel Trash Can - Threshold™